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A Convention 18
"A-ha!!!!" Arthur exclaimed, triumphantly pulling out Alfred's blue digital camera from under the cushion on the chair.  He turned around.  "Found it!" he said in Alfred's direction.
Once the pair had finally remembered why they had come up to their room (Change Alfred's boots, find con guidebook thing, get camera), they discovered they had to endure a rather trying search for the objects.  The boots they'd found behind the ironing board in the closet, and the con guidebook had been seemingly cleverly hidden underneath the doujinshi on the bedside table.  10 minutes later, Arthur had removed the camera from its inexplicable location.
Alfred poked his head up from beneath the bed.  "Where was it?" he asked.
"Under this pillow which was under your bomber jacket," he replied.  
Alfred stood up and frowned.  "The fuck was it doing there?" he wondered out loud, for the third time since they'd started searching (once for e
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The Season of Hope - USUK
December 16th.  I slammed my locker closed, zipped up my jacket and exited the Hetalia World Academy.  I sighed loudly, watching my cloud of breath dissipate into the freezing December air.  TGIF, I thought.  It's been a long freaking week.
Maybe it's just the arrival of winter.  I looked down at my feet, violently packing the snow into the ground.  This season always gets me down.  Between the sopping wet floor when I enter my house with snowy boots and the wind that feels like freaking icicles on my face, I say it's a pretty good excuse to feel like crap.  I guess there is Christmas to look forward to…but it's still 9 days away – and God.  I hate waiting.  Plus, you really gotta consider: I'm America.  And most people in America, as much as they hate to admit it, see Christmas as that awesome time when for once in your life you get exactly what you want, neat
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Erik Lensherr cosplay by Haruchii23 Erik Lensherr cosplay :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 12 17
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A Convention 17 :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 51 70
North Italy DeviantID by Haruchii23 North Italy DeviantID :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 12 12
A Convention 16
Ten minutes later, the pair was again sitting on either side of the table, watching amusedly as the two waitresses – the one who had greeted them and the one who took their orders – unsubtly argued over who would be the one to bring them their food, and whether or not they would do it immediately or wait and see if they decided to make out again.
Alfred laughed and shook his head.  "Jeez, who knew we'd be such a fangirl attraction," he said.
"Yea, I know.  These girls are shameless."  Arthur rolled his eyes, recalling having been distracted by more than a couple camera flashes while he and Alfred were…er…giving their relationship a jump-start.
Arthur picked up a standing glass-covered menu and checked his reflection in it.  He started fixing his hair, which Alfred had completely messed up.  "By the way, please try not to make me look like a pigsty in public.  It takes a certain degree of talent to ge
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A Convention 15
The name of the place was Ginko Japanese.  When the pair of them had walked close enough to actually see it clearly, they noticed a bit of a line of con-goers outside the door.  
Arthur groaned.  "More waiting…" he commented.
"We can deal with it," Alfred said.
"Normally our stances on this matter would be reversed," Arthur said, stomach growling again.
"It's a con, dude.  Everything is reversed."  He said this as if Arthur should have known it.
"And what do you mean by that?"
Alfred giggled.  "Well, for one, normally you'd be doin' all the explaining instead of me…"
"Fair point…"
"And…on any other day this year, if a guy walked into that Starbucks-" he pointed to a Starbucks across the street "-with pink hair and fairy wings, he'd get stared at as if he were the strangest thing in the world.  Now, this weekend, if a guy walked in with a suit and a briefcase, well, unless they were Sven fro
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A Convention 14
Arthur yawned and grabbed Alfred's wrist, looking at his watch.  11:03, it read.  He sighed.  
"Christ, time moves slowly here…" he said.
Alfred nodded in agreement.  "Yeah no kidding."
They were still on their way to the dealer's room, progressing slowly through the sea of con patrons, which, both of them noticed, was much bigger than Friday's crowd.
Alfred continued.  "Not that it's a bad thing, though.  It gives you way more time to just be here, be awesome and geek out and make friends and stuff."
"Very true."  Arthur smiled.  "I could get used to this."
Alfred raised his eyebrows and snickered.  "Really?" he said, almost disbelievingly.
"Yes, actually…what makes you say that?"
Alfred paused to show the staff their badges, and they entered the crowded aisles of dealers.  Even though he had now seen it once before, it was, to Arthur, still quite a sight to behold. 
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Canada x Netherlands? by Haruchii23 Canada x Netherlands? :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 134 120
A Convention 13
"So now what?" Alfred said, leaning on Arthur and breaking their contented silence.  
Arthur spun them around to face the convention building.  "Now we go find a load of that Pocky stuff." He started to walk off.
Alfred chuckled, took his arm away from Arthur's shoulders, and followed behind.  
Looking around, Alfred realized there was nothing more awesome than where he was now.  Not even Prussia.  He chuckled at his overused joke, making Arthur turn around out of curiosity.  
"What is it?" he said.
Alfred shook his head.  "Just look around."
Arthur looked around, still confused.  "I see…grass covered in cosplayers, cosplayers covered in grass…and a whole lot of animal ears."
"I know, right?  Isn't it perfect?" he said, smiling.
Arthur snickered to himself.  "Since when were you the sentimental type?" he muttered, thinking it was quiet enough so that Alfred wo
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A Convention 12
"Hey do you guys know what time it is?" Alfred looked around, eyes settling on Japan – whose nature was a lot like Kiku's – the most likely to carry a watch.
They had been talking aimlessly (mostly in character) for what seemed like an hour now.  The sun had gotten higher and the heat more intense.  Alfred could see the sweat glistening on Arthur's and the others' foreheads, yet no one complained once.  He pitied Canada in her huge winter jacket.
"It's 10:30," Japan said.
"…Is it really still the morning?" Arthur said.  He squinted upwards, and everyone else nodded in understanding.  "And we've only been here for about a half hour."  He whistled.
"So…anything cool we have to do?" Prussia, who had started making a pile of yanked-out grass, said.
"Well…I kinda want a snack…" Alfred said.  "I haven't really eaten since dinner yesterday."
"I have some Pocky," Japan suggested quietly.&
:iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 43 152
HELP ITALIA by Haruchii23 HELP ITALIA :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 18 6
A Convention 11
Alfred and Arthur weaved their way through the crowd, which was getting thicker as the morning wore on bringing with it the scalding hot of a summer afternoon.
"Ew, dude, I'm sweating!" Alfred said, undoing the top button of the military jacket, which was under his other jacket.  
Arthur just nodded, feeling the heat as well.  There was moisture starting to build up around his neck, under the soles of his feet, and between his and Alfred's hands.  "Alfred," he said.  "I d-"
"America," Alfred said.  
"…What about him?"  
"Rule number one of cosplay: never use the cosplayer's real name.  Call me America."
Arthur frowned.  "Alright, America," he corrected himself, feeling awkward saying it that way.  "I was just going to say, I don't know much about cosplay, but I'm sure that rule number two is not to complain about your costume and therefore, the heat."  He wanted to complain about th
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A Convention 10
Arthur suddenly recalled a scene from a movie he and Alfred had watched together at some point.  There had been a guy staring into a gaping hole and saying "I've got a bad feeling about this…" and that's just what Arthur felt like saying at the moment.  "Glomping," he said, feeling the word roll awkwardly off his tongue.
Alfred snickered.  "I'm sure you'll love it," he said.  They kept walking around the building until they got to a parking lot full of cosplayers and empty of cars.  "Allow me to demonstrate."  He looked around at the mob of people, seemingly searching for someone.
Arthur knew the exact moment when Alfred had found them.  His blue eyes brightened as they locked on to something.  Arthur turned around to see who or what it was.  He followed the American's gaze to a rather short person (Arthur couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl) dressed completely in green.  Alfred
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A Convention 9
Arthur stared curiously at his friend, seemingly transfixed by his beverage.  He decided to break the awkward morning silence.  "So…d'you know what we're doing when we get down to the convention today?" he asked.
Alfred jumped.  "Oh…right.  Um…" he started.  "How 'bout we just look around and see what's going on?"
"Really?  Is there nothing remotely special happening?" Arthur sighed.  
"There probably is, I just don't know what."  Again with the staring into the coffee.
"Check the book."
"Okay."  He didn't move, though.
Arthur sighed.  He downed the remainder of his tea in a single gulp and stood up.  Alfred didn't move.  Arthur took the mug out of Alfred's hands and whacked him across the face.  
"OW!"  Alfred put a hand on his abused cheek.  "What was that for?"
"Wake up, idiot," Arthur hissed.  "Quit moping abo
:iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 46 111
A Convention 8
Alfred woke up first.  He looked at his watch – 7:00.  He groaned, wondering how he could be awake so early on a Saturday.  
After the brief 10 seconds of early-morning haze, it all came rushing back to him.  Right, right, the convention...  He refreshed his memory of what happened.  He recalled first that it had been an amazing day for him.  He had envisioned the con to be so much, what with the thousands of people just like him that would be there and the stuff they would all be doing.  It had delivered beyond what he had expected, without even having to meet new people, just by having Arthur by his side.  
Alfred sighed contently, thinking about his best friend, and buried his face into his pillow.  It was soaking wet.  The wetness got on his face and his chest.
That was weird...
He turned his head to the side, but Arthur wasn't there.  To the other sid
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My gosh, I haven't been on dA in forever.

I'm just letting the world know I can make costumes.  For not too much money, as I'd like to build up my portfolio. :)

If you're interested, you can contact me at

For the love of cosplay!



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